4 Clubs, 40 minutes west of Calgary, 220 acres, over 1500 members


The Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA) is a not-for-profit that supports shooting sports within the Province of Alberta, Canada.

Founded in 1902, the APRA oversees a leased property in the Kananaskis area just west of Calgary and coordinates the activities of four seperate clubs; the Buffalo Target Shooters Associtation (BTSA), the Alberta Fullbore Rifle Association (AFRA), the Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club and the Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC). The APRA provides liability insurance for all it's members, board members and the clubs themselves. In addition, the APRA provides funding to clubs for capital expansion, and coordinates road maintenance, waste removal, and the security of common areas on the property.

How to Join

There is no requirement to join the APRA directly. First, apply for membership to one of our clubs and once you are accepted, you will automatically be enrolled in the APRA; there is no seperate APRA enrollment process. Each club has their own fee structure which is in addition to the APRA membership fee. The cost for being a member of the APRA is $100 per year, and in your first year an additional one time $100 fee. The APRA fee is collected by the club you joined, and remitted back to us. If you join other APRA clubs, then you only need to pay the additional club membership fee.

Featured News

Join Our Clubs


BTSA (membership open)

The Buffalo Target Shooters Association (BTSA), though primarily a handgun shooting sports group, accommodates many different types of shooting styles and disciplines.  read more ...

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FULLBORE (membership open)

The Alberta Fullbore Rifle Association (AFRA) is a competitive, long range, F Class club with shooting positions from 100 to 900 meters. No general shooting is offered. read more ...

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ROSEBUD (membership closed)

The Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club has facilities ranging from 100 to 600 yards, for benchrest, rimfire benchrest and silhouette target shooting. In addition we accomodate general rifle use. read more


SWISS (membership closed)

The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC) is a rifle and handgun range, open to everyone, where you can shoot in a friendly atmosphere using your own firearms, or club provided rifles. We have a waiting list to alert you when memberships become available read more ...

Upcoming Public Events

There are various events held throughout the year where the general public as well as APRA members may attend. These are typically courses, rifle sight-in days and range introduction events for people that are thinking of joining a particular club. Some require a reservation and a fee may be involved. Click on the event for further details:

Upcoming Public Matches

Throughout the year, various clubs hold matches that are open to both members and non-members alike. These are intended for people that have at least a basic understanding of target shooting and the proper equipment to participate. There is a non-member rate for each match. For a complete listing of all matches open to the public, click here. Click on an upcoming event to see what the details are: