More on the Fullbore Club

Thank you for showing interest in the AFRA (Alberta FullBore Rifle Association).

The AFRA is a long range target rifle competition shooting club, we are not a general shooting club. We are the stewards of the APRA 900m rifle range which is set up with individual firing points from 100m to 900m, for a total of 9 separate firing positions, with 8 paper target frames and 2 electronic target frames in covered butts using F Class targets. We also have installed two concrete benches at each firing point from 300m through 900m, plus 8 benches at 1000 yds.


As we are a target rifle shooting club and the range is set up for Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) style target shooting, our facility does not lend itself to general shooting, PRS style, plinking or non-target rifle shooting activities such as sighting in hunting rifles and therefore we do not have day use passes.

During the summer months the AFRA holds monthly matches and one does not have to be an AFRA member to participate. If you are a member of the general public and are interested in long range competition you could come out to a few matches to see what the AFRA is all about. During the winter months the AFRA does not plow the road down to the butts, basically making the range inaccessible. 

The AFRA executive reserves the right to deny membership to individuals who do not support the aims and ideals of the AFRA. This denial is at the sole discretion of the Executive of the AFRA. In order to gain access to the 900m range during non-match days, keys are available for members who have competed in 4 matches (a weekend is worth 2 match days) and have been a member in good standing for at least one year. Members may purchase guest passes to bring guests out to try out the range. It should be noted that the AFRA is one of four separate clubs that belong to the APRA Homestead Shooting Complex. If you want to shoot silhouette or you want access to the benchrest range you should contact the Rosebud Benchrest & Silhouette Club.

Fullbore Schedule

For more information on matches and how to participate, download the Fullbore Schedule


Membership Inquiries

If you would like to join our target rifle shooting club please inquire further by filling out the contact form below, and a membership application together with AFRA range policies, range rules, match schedule and membership fees will be sent to you.


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